XO NBR192A Μετατροπέας Lightning σε 3.5mm 1m Άσπρο


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  1. R192A■Cable length: 1.0m, weight: 7g■Material: PC■Connector material: white TPE-90A plug material■Wire core: 8/0.08 enameled wire+250D*5C (this, red, blue, green, and red) core wire insulation: TPE, medium OD: 2.0mm■Function: AUX audio cable Bluetooth pop-up window name: 192A■Model production: Apple head to 3.5 audio + mid-range microphone (pause/play sound volume control button. Middle button double click the next song, triple click the previous song)■Color: whiteXO NBR192A Lightning to 3.5mm 1M White

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