Tecatel Ενισχυτής Ιστού 30dB 304 LTE700 5G


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AMP-LTE304L Mast Amplifier by Tecatel

Mast amplifier with 1 input and 1 output for DTT-UHF (470-694 MHz) with 30dB gain manually adjustable (± 15dB) and switchable DC current passage for active terrestrial antenna power.
This amplifier is adapted to the 2nd Digital Dividend as it has an integrated LTE2 filter that eliminates 5G interference, with a cut in channel 49. As a maximum output level it supports up to 105dBμV and offers a very low noise figure of only 2dB. The equipment is powered at 24V and has a consumption of 48 mA.
The dimensions of the Tecatel LTE304L amplifier are 135 x 95 x 40 mm and it is protected with a black housing that allows it to be installed outdoors, on the antenna mast.

Input ports
1x UHF

Frequency range
470 – 694 MHz

30 dB

Gain adjustment
15 dB

Output level DIN45004B-60
105 dBμV

Noise figure
≤ 2 dB

F Female

Power supply
24 VDC

Power consumption
48 mA

DC pass

Protection level

135 x 95 x 40 mm

100 gr

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