XO WX036 Automatic arm clamp type wireless charging holder for car mounted mobile phones


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  1. XO WX036 is an automatic holder in a universal version with a suction cup and for the grille. Perfectly sticks to the dashboard. Automatically tightens when phone is inserted. It can be operated with one hand. An additional feature is the built-in high-power 15W induction charger.Main board solution: Core Wolf 1024/Southern Core SC5004Input port: Type-C interfaceInput voltage current: 5V/2A MAX, 9V/2A MAX, 12V/2A MAX corresponding to wireless charging output 5V/1A MAX (5W), 9V/1.12A MAX (10W), 9V/1.67A MAX (15W)Input protocol: PD3.0/PD2.0/QC2.0/QC3.0 (above 18W)Output power: QI protocol 5W/Apple 7.5W/Samsung 10W/15W (Max)Compatible matching: Compatible with QI protocol 5W/Apple 7.5W/Samsung 10W/15W (Max) Suitable phone size: 4.7-6.9 inch phoneCharging efficiency: 5W ≤ 73%, 7.5W ≤ 75%, 10W ≤ 78%, 15W ≤ 78%Charging frequency: 110-205 kHzCharging distance: ≤ 6mm (recommended working distance 2-3mm)Protection functions: over temperature/over voltage/over current protection, short circuit protection, intelligent identification.Metal foreign object detection: charging prompt: LED indicationMaterial: ABS+PC (specification description: PC+ABS)Size/Weight Size: 98.5 * 63 * 21.34mm Weight: 121G (sample does not have suction cup support)Product color: blackWorking principle of the clamp arm: When powered on, the clamp arm automatically opens, the phone is placed, FOD automatically detects the phone, and the clamp arm automatically closes.How to retrieve the phone while powered on:Press the mechanical button, the left and right clamping arms automatically open, and remove the phone; Keep the clamping arm open;Method of removing the phone under power outage: After the car is turned off, press the mechanical button to remove the phone, and open and close it twice within 5 minutes.

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